Composite Fillings

Composite fillings, also referred to as a resin fillings, are commonly used to repair broken, chipped or decayed teeth. The material for composite fillings is also used to reshape teeth in order to improve the appearance of a smile. Composite fillings can be color matched to existing tooth surfaces, creating a natural look. This is especially important when selecting the material to be used for highly visible teeth.

Composite fillings are formed from a mixture of plastic and glass used to replicate the look of natural teeth. Before a filling is placed, decay is removed and the tooth is prepared. The tooth-colored resin filling material is then bonded onto the tooth in layers and hardened by exposure to a special light. The composite is then shaped to ensure a good fit and polished to prevent wear.

Composite fillings have become a popular choice over the older metal amalgam fillings for many reasons.

Advantage of Composite Fillings:

  • They can be color matched, making composite fillings an excellent choice, especially for front teeth.
  • Less tooth structure needs to be removed to accommodate the resin filling, thereby saving more of your tooth.
  • The composite filling is bonded onto the tooth, lending support to the remaining tooth structure.
  • Resin filling material is adaptable and can be utilized to fill decayed teeth or improve the look of broken teeth.
  • Resin fillings do not contain silver or mercury and are considered more bio-compatible. This resin filling material is an excellent option for those who have experienced an adverse or allergic reaction to metals.

Available at Pride Dental of Bowie, are an aesthetically pleasing alternative to amalgam. They are durable, long lasting, and nearly undetectable.