Invisalign dentistry is a revolutionary teeth straightening method. Invisalign dentistry uses clear, plastic trays to shift your teeth into position gradually, without the use of the metal brackets and wire associated with traditional braces.

Benefits of Invisalign dentistry for Teeth Straightening:

Appearance: teeth straightening aligners are nearly invisible, unlike traditional braces.
Comfort: teeth straightening aligners are more comfortable to wear than metal brackets.
Convenience: teeth straightening aligners may be removed in order to eat or clean teeth properly.

How does Invisalign Dentistry Work?

A consultation will help to determine whether Invisalign dentistry is the right teeth straightening method for you. If you are a good candidate for Invisalign dentistry, X-rays and impressions will be taken. 3-D images are then created from these materials, which are used to determine your treatment plan. At this time, the doctor is able to show you an image of what your smile will look like post-treatment. Custom made aligners, or dental trays, are then crafted to suit your treatment schedule.

During treatment, you will wear the Invisalign dentistry aligners at all times except when eating or cleaning your teeth. A new aligner is used every two weeks while dental visits are scheduled further apart, every six to eight weeks to monitor success—no painful adjustments required. This teeth straightening method gradually shifts teeth into place over the course of a year to eighteen months.

Using Invisalign dentistry means that you can avoid the many disadvantages associated with traditional braces for teeth straightening, such as food restrictions, abrasions from brackets, and any embarrassment you may feel from the change in your appearance.

Invisalign affords you the option to improve your smile painlessly with a minimum time commitment. It is an excellent alternative to traditional braces for dental patients of any age. If you have dreamed of having a beautiful smile but could not picture yourself wearing traditional braces, Invisalign dentistry may be the right teeth straightening method for you.

Interested in Invisalign Dentistry?

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