Oral Cancer Screening

Oral and pharyngeal cancer kills nearly one person every hour of every day of the year. Of the people newly diagnosed with these cancers, only about 60% will live longer than 5 years. Many who do survive suffer long-term problems such as severe facial disfigurement or difficulties with eating and speaking. The death rate associated with oral and pharyngeal cancers is high due to the cancer being routinely discovered late in development.

Oral head and neck cancer can be treated, but early detection is vital. At Pride Dental, we are proactive in screening for oral cancer. Our visual-tactile head and neck examination is enhanced through the use of Vizilite. Vizilite is a lesion detection device. Through the emission of fluorescent light and it’s reflection on normal and abnormal tissues, our Pride Dental dentist and hygienist are able to detect any abnormalities to test them further and take necessary measures to protect your health.​

Some of the risk factors are:

Tobacco – Smoking cigarettes, pipes, cigars, and chewing tobacco.

Alcohol – especially when used with tobacco at the same time

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) – The incidence of HPV associated oral cancer has risen in recent years. The virus has surpassed tobacco and alcohol as a leading cause of oral cancer.

E-Cigarettes, Vaping – Users develop the same cancer related molecular changes as cigarette smokers.

Gender – Oral cancer and pharyngeal cancer are twice as common in men as in women.