Why Should You Wear PlaySafe Mouth Guards

Contact sports increase the risk of dental injury. This is because you will most likely make contact with hard objects. The good news is sports mouthguards like PlaySafe Mouthguards exist to reduce this risk. There are many types of mouthguards all designed to offer different levels of protection. You will also find a mouthguard for everyone, may it be a child or a professional sports player. 

Sports mouthguards are built to protect against injury to the teeth and the jaw. As a result, they are custom made to fit. People have different mouths and teeth shapes so getting a custom mouthguard is the key to getting maximum protection. It is also good to note that poorly fitted mouthguards can lead to more damage if you are ever hit. Mouthguards that have been custom-fitted will not only prevent dental and jaw injuries but also prevent concussions, loss of teeth and pulpal injury. The purpose of the PlaySafe Mouthguards is to relieve stress concentration on the affected teeth. They work by absorbing the shock vibrations that would otherwise lead to injury. 

Basic Functions of Mouthguards 

  • Prevent bruising and cuts during impact

  • Prevent dislocations or fractures by cushioning the teeth

  • Protect opposite teeth from contact 

  • Protect the lower jaw so that impact doesn’t lead to fracture 

  • Reduce the risk of concussion 

  • Helps athletes feel comfortable and protected

Who should wear a mouthguard

  • Persons that grind their teeth at night. The PlaySafe Mouthguards will prevent damage to the teeth when grinding.

  • Athletes in virtually any sport

Getting a well-fitted mouthguard

Getting a properly fabricated mouthguard requires that you talk to your dentist. The dentist will make a mold of your mouth and teeth so as to create a mouthguard that is specific to you. If you recently had braces removed you will need another mold taken so that a well-fitted new mouthguard can be created. For kids, the mouthguards have to be changed often so as to offer maximum protection.  

A well-fitted mouthguard has an adequate amount of thickness to cushion your jaw and ample room between the top and bottom teeth so that if hit the teeth will not be forced together. A good mouthguard will also protect the front teeth from any frontal blow that could otherwise knock the teeth out. 

You should not leave oral injury to chance. Your natural teeth are the best teeth you will ever have and maintaining them is the best thing you can do. That is why you should use mouthguards as standard protection equipment from an early age. Yes, you can play hundreds of matches without incident but it only takes one incident to get a permanent injury. 

The PlaySafe Mouthguards are considered to be the best mouthguards in the market. They are ideal for both amateur and professional athletes due to the remarkable level of protection they offer. Your dentists will help pick the right one based on the activity you will be engaging in or if you need protection against teeth grinding. The rule of thumb is to get a properly fitted mouthguard as that is the only way you will get the opportunity to reduce injury.